Oahu Photoshoot Locations

Eastside Locations

(30-45 minutes from Waikiki)

Waimanalo Beach

This is my main beach that I shoot at. It's usually void of people and there are lots of options for backdrops- mountains on one side, a pretty grove of trees, and of course, a beautiful beach. 

Mid Morning

Kualoa Beach

This is my new favorite spot! It has the most diversity of any location-a pretty beach, palm trees, islands in the distance, and gorgeous mountain backdrops 


Lanikai Beach

 Think white sand, calm turquoise waters and twin islands in the distance

Mid Morning

Eastside Botanical Garden

Lush, tropical and full of greenery- these are the best mountain views on the island 


Makai Pier

The pier is beautiful on it's own; it also has some palm trees, lava rock and a sandy beach nearby 


The Fields

A great alternative to a beach, this spot is full of sun flares and golden vibes 


Makapu'u Beach

This beach is spotted with black lava rock and has some of the bluest ocean water on the entire island. 


South Shore Locations

 (5-10 minute drive from Waikiki)

Diamond Head

This is a local surf spot, and the beach stays relatively empty- a rare find on the south shore


Kahala Beach

This spot has a great Hawaiian vibe to it, with low hanging palm trees and an open beach. This is a great option for larger groups- it's close to Waikiki, there are restrooms and parking. 


Embrace your wild as we capture all the epic beauty Hawaii has to offer! 

**additional location fees apply**

Adventure Locations

Eastside Mountain Hike

This is easily our #1 most asked about location- so here are all the details to shoot on this mountain of pure magic!

Allow 3-4 Hours 

The hike takes 35 minutes each way. Plan on resting at the top after the climb- most likely your cheeks will be flushed and you will want to catch your breath. Plan on changing your clothes at the top of the mountain, so make sure you can carry your outfit in your backpack.

The actual shoot will take about an hour- longer if adding drone or video. It's challenging for us to shoot here and it takes us time to get in place with our cameras without falling off the mountain :)

Understand the Risks 

This is not a shooting location for those scared of heights- there is a 2000 foot drop! While the area we will be shooting on is relatively flat and safely accessible, there are definitely parts to this hike that are a straight drop down  

Not Suitable for Kids

You must be over 18 and sign a liability waiver to shoot with us at this location

Because of the additional time and risks associated with this location, there is a $300 fee for us to shoot any session or package here. 

Sandstone Cliffs

Gorgeous scenery overlooking a cerulean blue ocean

Allow 2 Hours 

There's so many great viewpoints and shooting spots, every backdrop is breathtaking!

Understand the Risks 

Although the terrain is (mostly) easily accessible by walking, there are still drop off points that fall directly into the cliffs below


Kids are Allowed

But please be mindful of your child's whereabouts at all times

Because of the additional time and risks associated with this location, there is a $100 fee for us to shoot any session or package here. 

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